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Apricot - Organic Natural

$12.00 CAD $6.95 CAD

These beautiful organic apricots have been naturally dried, allowing them to turn a caramel colou...
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100% Fruit

Apricots - Whole (With Pit)

$7.49 CAD

These apricots include the pit, which is great, because you can eat it! An apricot pit is a lot l...
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Chocolate Fruit & Nuts

$9.50 CAD

Can’t decide which chocolate to try? With this mix, you’ll feel like you’ve entered Willy Wonka’s...
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Coconut - Shredded Unsweetened

$4.00 CAD

This coconut is unsweetened and flavourful - Great for sweet or savoury recipes! It's shredded ve...
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Fruit Leather - Individually Wrapped

$8.95 CAD

Naturally sweet-sour soft fruit leather made from a mix of Apricot, Apple, Cherry and a touch of ...
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100% Fruit

Jujubes (Red Dates)

$7.50 CAD

These fruits are legendary in China and around the world. Well-loved for their softer, floral fla...
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Nectarine - Fancy

$6.95 CAD

More tangy than a peach, these syrupy, succulent nectarine pieces are a whole half-nectarine each...
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100% Fruit

Pears - Sliced Natural

$8.75 CAD

These thinly sliced pears are delicately sweet, and perfect for a charcuterie board with nuts and...
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