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100% Fruit

Dried Apples

$4.00 CAD

Our dried apple rings are soft and honey-sweet. No added sugar. No sulphur dioxide. No nonsense! 100% apple slices without any of the artificial stickiness you typically find in stores. They taste true to a ripe apple just picked and are as natural as they come. Dried apples serve as a scrumptious complement to baking. They're also the #1 choice for kids in all of our stores. A light, healthy snack while on-the-go: perfect for that unexpected snack attack!

We import our dried apples from California, as there is no better tasting, not to mention better looking, Granny Smith around. Because apples oxidize easily (another fancy word for turning brown) the apples are soaked in ascorbic acid (another fancy term for vitamin C). Just ½ cup of Ayoub’s dried apples provide 3.7 g. of dietary fibre, which is about 20% of your required daily fibre intake. Dried apples can also slow digestion, which helps prevent blood sugar spikes that leave you lethargic after a meal. On top of vitamin C, our dried apples also contain vitamin A, which helps keep bones strong and healthy. They also contain several B vitamins, which together help maintain a healthy metabolism and nourish your liver and skin. Don’t forget that they’re also high in mineral content, including iron, copper, manganese and selenium. If you’re spending too much money on vitamin supplements, consider Ayoub’s dried apples instead!

0.15 lb bag = $4.50
0.50 lb bag = $12.00

Ingredients: 100% Apples (that's it!)


  • Dried apples have proven to reduce cholesterol, including total cholesterol and that nasty low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol. 


  • Help strengthen teeth
  • Help enhance skin health
  • Help promote weight loss

+ High in fibre
+ Rich in antioxidants