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100% Fruit

Dried Apricots (Natural)

$8.00 CAD

Our dried apricots are a burst of an all-natural and earthy flavour. Every bite is sweeter and richer than than you typically expect from preserved store-bought apricots. These sun-kissed mediterranean gems are as juicy and authentic as they come: no added sugar; no sulphur dioxide; no nonsense! Ideal as a satisfying snack and equally worthy in a variety of recipes!

Our natural apricots are the ugly duckling cousins to the rolled apricot. Full of nutrients, but free from sulphates, they may not be a treat for the eyes, but they certainly are to your taste buds. Our natural apricots are dried in the warm Turkish sun and turn light brown or black due to a natural process of oxidation. Not to worry though, they’re very healthy and delicious and offer all the benefits of the orange versions.

0.30 lb bag = $8.00
0.70 lb bag = $10.00 

Ingredients: 100% Apricots (that's it!)


  • Dried natural apricots are the ideal addition to hot cereal and trail mixes. 


  • Help cool you down & quench your thirst
  • Help digest your food (try taking some before a meal)

+ Rich in antioxidants
+ Excellent source of vitamin A
+ High in fibre, iron & potassium