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Kernel Mix - Lime & Pepper

$17.00 CAD

Almonds, cashews, hazelnuts, and premium shelled pistachios come together in our zesty mix of lim...
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Premium Pistachios - Lightly Salted

$18.00 CAD

For Ayoub’s, the pistachio is where it all started, and the reason we feature it in our logo. Imp...
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Pistachios - Premium (Shelled) - Lime & Saffron

$14.50 CAD

Tender premium pistachios roasted with tangy lime juice and floral aromatic saffron. A delicious,...
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Kernel Mix - Spicy

$17.00 CAD

Premium almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios and cashews roasted with hot spices! A delicious, heal...
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Raw Holiday Mix- Raw Nuts, Dried Fruit & Candied Ginger

$10.00 CAD

This warming mix is full of flavour, antioxidants and an energetic boost that will sustain for wi...
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Pistachios - Round - Lime & Saffron

$8.00 CAD

Premium pistachios roasted with tangy lime juice and floral aromatic saffron. A delicious, hea...
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Raw Sweet Mix - Nuts, Raisins & Mulberries

$15.00 CAD

Delicately sweet and with antioxidant-rich mulberries, this all-natural mix of premium quality...
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Kernel Mix - Raw

$16.00 CAD

This all-natural mix of premium quality nuts, is left raw to maximize health benefits, and pro...
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Pistachios - Premium (Shelled) - Raw

$27.00 CAD

These premium pistachios have no shell, taking the labour out of our favourite nut! These are so ...
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