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Walnuts - Raw Premium

$4.49 CAD

Our raw premium walnuts are grown in California or Chile, depending on the best harvest that year...
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Almonds - Raw

$5.99 CAD

Fresh, nutty-sweet, plump, crunchy, raw almonds! These premium quality almonds mean business, bot...
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Cashews - Raw

$7.25 CAD

Raw cashews are excellent for vegan creamy sauces, protein bar recipes, and other raw healthy rec...
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Pecans - Raw

$8.00 CAD

Pecans are a very popular nut and are used in baking and as a nutritious snack. Its smooth, butte...
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Macadamia Nuts - Raw

$15.50 CAD

Naturally, our macadamia nuts are grown in Hawaii (although the trees are native to Australia). S...
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Raw Holiday Mix- Raw Nuts, Dried Fruit & Candied Ginger

$7.99 CAD

This warming mix is full of flavour, antioxidants and an energetic boost that will sustain for wi...
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Brazil Nuts - Raw

$10.99 CAD

Where do our Brazil nuts come from? Brazil, of course! These large, oily nuts are a popular food ...
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Raw Energy Mix

$6.49 CAD

Delicately sweet and tangy, this all-natural mix of premium quality fruits and nuts, is left raw ...
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Raw Sweet Mix - Nuts, Raisins & Mulberries

$7.99 CAD

Delicately sweet and with antioxidant-rich mulberries, this all-natural mix of premium quality...
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Pumpkin Seeds - Raw Skinned

$1.99 CAD

Pumpkin seeds have high fibre / fat ratio, making them extra satisfying! Great for managing weigh...
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Pistachios - Premium - Raw

$9.00 CAD

For Ayoub’s, the pistachio is where it all started, and the reason we feature it in our logo. Imp...
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Sunflower Seeds - Raw Skinned

$2.75 CAD

They say you are what you eat, and these seeds are loaded with Vitamin E to leave your skin as ra...
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Pistachios - Premium (Shelled) - Raw

$14.00 CAD

These premium pistachios have no shell, taking the labour out of our favourite nut! These are so ...
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Kernel Mix - Raw

$9.00 CAD

This all-natural mix of premium quality nuts, is left raw to maximize health benefits, and pro...
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Raw Yalda Mix - Fruits, Nuts & Sweets

$9.49 CAD

At Ayoub's, we like to carry the happy energy of celebrating Yalda throughout the year! This swe...
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Hazelnuts - Raw

$7.50 CAD

Hazelnuts have long been a staple in European confections and baked goods, and are also famous fo...
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Apricot Seeds - Raw

$8.50 CAD

Apricots are related to almonds, and you can really tell when you see the kernels! They're a bit ...
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Chickpeas - Raw

$2.95 CAD

We have raw chickpeas for you to take home and roast yourself! Put them on salads, as a lean, hig...
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Raw Almonds - Sliced

$8.49 CAD

Wonderful for baking, confections and as a garnish, these naturally sweet, tender raw almonds are...
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Almonds - Slivered

$15.95 CAD

Slivered almonds are ideal for baking and recipes. You can add them to a salad for extra protein ...
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