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Raw Energy Mix

$6.49 CAD

Delicately sweet and tangy, this all-natural mix of premium quality fruits and nuts, is left raw ...
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Pumpkin Seeds - Raw Skinned

$1.99 CAD

Pumpkin seeds have high fibre / fat ratio, making them extra satisfying! Great for managing weigh...
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Sunflower Seeds - Raw Skinned

$2.75 CAD

They say you are what you eat, and these seeds are loaded with Vitamin E to leave your skin as ra...
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Pumpkin Seeds - Chubby - Raw

$5.25 CAD

Pumpkin seeds are such an excellent addition to your diet, especially a plant-based vegan & v...
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Hemp Seeds

$16.35 CAD

A rich source of healthy fats, plant-based complete protein and iron, hemp seeds are one of the u...
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