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Apricots (Rolled)

$12.00 CAD

Dried rolled apricots have been around since the beginning of human history. Here’s a fruit rollup that’s fit for Persian royalty—and your family, too. The best, most beautiful and delicious rolled apricots in the world come from Turkey, which is a world-leader in exports. We import this product from the same small fruit market since the early 1980s. We can always count on the quality, moisture content, taste and consistency of their apricots. First and foremost, because our apricots are packed with fibre, these little dynamos are fantastic for digestion. In addition, they’re also full of carotenoids, which can help protect your eyesight from age-related damage. They’re also great at combatting inflammation, as they are a strong dietary source of catechins, a big family of flavonoid phytonutrients that fight inflammation at the cellular level. We recommend you try our apricots as an on-the-go snack, on hot or cold cereal, chopped up in pancakes, or in your next chicken or vegetable stew for a distinct middle-eastern flavour. We offer rolled apricots with sulphides (maintains their colour and shelf life) and without (not great looking, but still delicious). 


  • About 3-thousand years ago, humans figured out that rolled apricots have less surface area and therefore keep longer.