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Espresso - Ethiopia Worka

$22.95 CAD

Taste Notes: Grapefruit / Strawberry / Pecan

As with all of our Ethiopians, this coffee is from a private washing station. This particular washing station is located deep in the south of the Gedeo zone in the Gedeb woreda (district) near the town of Sakaro, and it’s owned by Mr. Mijane. The top tier coffees coming out of the Gedeb district are extraordinary, like classic yirgacheffe coffees with notes of lemon blossom and black tea but with an additional dark fruit element. Mr. Mijane was recently joined by his son, Daniel Mijane, to assist with the washing station. Daniel’s singular mission is to create the conditions at their washing station for the best coffee possible.

Location: Gedeb District, Gedeo Zone
Processing: Washed
Harvest: November, 2016-January, 2017
Washing Station Owner: Ato Mijane
Storage: Green coffee frozen to preserve freshness