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Coffee - Filter - Guatemala Perez

$23.95 CAD

Taste Notes: Macadamia Nut / Chocolate / Nougat

This lot is a blend from a number of small producers that live on the slopes of the Volcan de Agua, one of three volcanoes that surround Antigua, Guatemala. This volcano provides excellent coffee growing conditions, and is home to hundreds of small coffee producers. This lot is a blend of a number of these small producers, some of whom produce as little as one bag of green coffee! Each of these lots was carefully processed by Luis Pedro Zelaya, resulting in one of the most exciting coffees that we have from Guatemala this year.

Location: Huehuetenango, Guatemala
Variety: Bourbon & Caturra
Harvest Date: Feb-March, 2017
Processing: Dry fermentation
Drying: Raised beds
Storage: Green coffee frozen to preserve freshness