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Where are the best cranberries in the world grown? BC, of course. It’s our temperate, wet climate that’s perfect for these little berry extroverts, and in fact, you can’t really find them anywhere else in the world. Ayoub’s dried cranberries are so good, we actually export them to the Middle East where they are a novelty. No one knows for sure how cranberries became associated with Thanksgiving feasts, but some historians think it had something to do with First Nations who used them not only as food, but also as dyes for clothing and textiles. As far as healthy foods go, our cranberries are off the chart with healthy nutrients and antioxidant properties. No wonder they’re often called a super food. Eating dried cranberries can help avoid urinary tract infections, help prevent certain kinds of cancers and can also improve immune function, decreased blood pressure and more. Add cranberries to your diet for increased vitamin C, fibre and vitamin E. 


  • A half-cup of dried cranberries contains only 25 calories.