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100% Fruit

Dates - Black

$9.00 CAD

Dates are also called date palms, as they are the fruit of palm trees. Our black dates are known as Medjool as they are the most common kind of black dates. These fruits are the heavier, denser cousin of the brown date and have a more robust flavour. As we like to say, they’re a little less “date-y” tasting. Farmed and dried in the southern region of Piyaron, this area is well known for producing delicious dates because of its hot and dry weather. The black date is prized for its velvety, chewy texture and rich, sweet taste. Eat them as is, or add them to salads and a range of other savoury dishes and desserts. Ayoub’s dates are a great way to meet your daily intake of fruit, and they’re rich in fibre, energy, antioxidants and a range of micronutrients including potassium and niacin (both of which are important for overall body health and function). As we like to say at Ayoub’s, eat 5 dates a day to keep the doctor away.

  • Most of the dates from Piyaron never leave the region as they are highly prized by the locals.