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Dried Bananas

$7.00 CAD

Our dried bananas are soft, sweet and earthy. They strike a wonderful balance of not-too-sweet (true to a ripe banana) with the slightest hint of molasses and coffee bean. Our banana slices have a wonderfully all-natural chewy texture making it a truly unique and enjoyable snack. With its exceptional nutrient properties, dried bananas will help give you a boost of energy to keep you on your way to your 5-a-day!

If you’ve tried dried bananas before, and you weren’t that impressed, well then, you’ve never tried Ayoub’s dried bananas. They are absolutely fabulous tasting, and super healthy, too. Our bananas are exported from Thailand to our drying facility in the Middle East. There we cut and dry them in a secret manner that provides a bright, delicate flavour without the bitter aftertaste. Not to be confused with deep-fried banana chips, our dried bananas contain no extra fat, sugar or any other additive. Just plain and simple goodness at your fingertips. Ayoub’s dried bananas are high in dietary fibre, as well as an excellent source of iron and electrolytes.

Ingredients: Bananas, sulphites. (No added sugar)


  • Iron helps form haemoglobin and myoglobin (no, these are not Halloween costumes), two proteins that provide your body systems with a fresh supply of vital oxygen.


  • Help boost energy
  • Help restore your nutrients
  • Help regulate blood pressure

+ Rich in antioxidants
+ High in fibre & potassium
+ Excellent source of vitamins A, B-6 & C