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100% Fruit

Dried Mangoes

$8.00 CAD

Our dried mangoes are ripe, sugar-sweet, tropical and full-bodied. These unique majestic mango slices are as vibrantly delicious as they are all-natural. No added sugar. No sulphur dioxide. No nonsense! A match made in heaven for your cravings. It's time to snack freely and feel good about it! Not to mention a wonderful ending to any meal. Truly the 'king of all fruits' at Ayoub's, these mango slices are a true fan-favourite among our customers year-after-year. 

Our mangoes come fresh from India, has they have a much more subtle flavour and are less sour than their Mexican cousins. Cut and sundried at our facility in the Middle East and then imported here to Canada, Ayoub’s dried mangoes are free from added sugar and other additives. Dried mangoes do have a higher concentration of sugar, calories and carbohydrates than the fresh version, but it is very much a healthy snack or ingredient for a range of sweet and savoury dishes from around the world. Dried mango is a wonderful source of vitamin A, which helps regulate the metabolism. They also contain phenols, and antioxidant that prevents cancer, iron that prevents anemia, vitamin E that is great for your hair, selenium that prevents heart disease and calcium which contributes to strong bones. 

0.25 lb bag = $8.00
1.00 lb bag = $28.00 

Ingredients: 100% Mangoes (that's it!)


  • Our dried mangoes could be the very best cure for even the most persistent sweet tooth. 


  • Help enhance skin health
  • Help promote healthy vision
  • Help improve digestive health

+ Rich in antioxidants
+ High in fibre & potassium
+ Excellent source of vitamins A & C