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100% Fruit

Dried Oranges

$10.00 CAD

Our dried oranges are a refreshing citrus burst for your tastebuds! These 100% orange slices have a perfect ripe balance between sweet and tangy, with a mellow and robust rind. Simplicity at its best: no added sugar; no sulphur dioxide; no nonsense! Great as a light and healthy snack in-between your meals. And as a unique and aromatic garnish to meals and baked goods or simply with a cup of tea. Tangy slices that take guilt-free snacking to a whole new level!

Ayoub’s dried oranges are imported from California for their quality, taste and consistency. This product offers no additives and a wide variety of healthy nutrients including fibre, vitamin C, thiamine, folate and potassium. It’s not widely known that oranges contain over 170 different phytochemicals, including herperidin, which lowers inflammation and may reduce blood pressure and overall cholesterol. Both the pulp and the skin are edible, however, most avoid the skin, as it’s a bit bitter and chewy. However, drop the whole dried orange slice into your coffee or tea for an unexpected and fresh new hot beverage drinking experience. 

0.15 lb bag = $4.50
0.50 lb bag = $12.00

Ingredients: 100% Oranges (that's it!)


  • Eating a ½ cup of dried oranges per day can lower your risk for mouth, larynx and stomach cancer by 50%!


  • Help boost your immunity
  • Help promote healthy vision
  • Help improve digestive health
  • Help prevent & fight off cold/flu symptoms

+ High in fibre
+ Excellent source of vitamins A & C