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100% Fruit

Dried Prunes

$6.00 CAD

Our prunes are incomparably juicy and sweet. Pitted (stones removed) and succulent, this selection of prunes - without doubt - go the distance when it comes to flavour. No added sugar. No sulphur dioxide. No nonsense! Prunes are a luscious and natural treat your body will love you for. Maybe it's time to get creative and add some to your oatmeal or yogurt to kick-start your morning!

What used to be your grandparents’ staple, these are one of our best sellers, for young and old alike. Our dried prunes are imported from Chile where they are transformed from regular plums into a chewy dietary delight. What’s their charm? Let’s talk frankly about regularity? Our prunes contain three key ingredients for diligent digestion: fibre, sorbitol (a sugar alcohol that loosens things up) and a natural laxative compound called diphenyl isatin. Now that we’ve gotten that topic out of the way, prunes also protect against cardiovascular diseases and other chronic illnesses, they help prevent type 2 diabetes and obesity and finally, they help lower cholesterol. 

0.40 lb bag = $5.00
1.00 lb bag = $8.00 

Ingredients: 100% Prunes (that's it!)


  • Because prunes are high in beta-carotene, they can actually make you happier. 


  • Help stregthen bones
  • Help improve digestive health

+ Rich in antioxidants
+ Excellent source of vitamin K
+ High in copper, fibre & potassium