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100% Fruit


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Born from beautiful silkworm trees and used for medicinal purposes in China for centuries, mulberries are refreshingly succulent and have both a sweet and tart flavour.

Our dried mulberries come from the Middle East and are imported from regions that offer the best crop and the highest quality. Mulberries come from the mulberry tree, and are relatives of the fig and breadfruit trees. Mulberries are often recommended for people with diabetes as they are full of natural energy, but will not spike your blood sugar levels. These delicious berries are high in vitamin C and several plant compounds and are known to lower cholesterol, lower blood sugar levels and reduced risk of cancer. 

  •  Dried mulberries make an excellent sugar replacement for your morning coffee. 


  •  Mix with other berry salads
  • Pair exceptionally well with lemon, orange, apricots, and vanilla
  • Often used in pie fillings, mulberry muffins, and cakes
  • Favoured in jams, jellies, tart syrups and other desserts
  • Add mulberries into a finished batch of granola after baking
  • Substitute them for raisins or other fruits in oatmeal
  • Add to raw batter for scones, cookies, or energy bars
  • Perfect complement to other berries in ice-creams and yogurt
  • Add handfuls to a bottle of vodka or gin; seal and infuse for 2 weeks; strain
  • Include in tropical smoothies (bananas, coconuts, cocoa, oats, and other berries)


  • Loaded with essential antioxidants, minerals and vitamins and an excellent source of iron and vitamins B, C, and K, mulberries fuel your body.
  • Proven to treat neurological diseases, diabetes, and bacterial infections
  • Helps control heart rate and lower blood pressure
  • Known to cleanse the blood, improve circulation, and increases its production
  • Low in calories but nutrient-dense
  • Protects against the risk of stroke
  • Used to treat premature greying of hair 

Ingredients: Mulberries