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Raw Premium Pistachios

$14.00 CAD

For Ayoub’s, the pistachio is where it all started, and the reason we feature it in our logo. Imported from the Middle East, our pistachios are sourced from a range of small producers that have been providing us with a quality product since the early 1980s. The pistachio is a member of the cashew family and comes from a small tree that is native to the Middle East. Long considered a delicacy, the pistachio is also considered a symbol of wellness and robust health since ancient times. These nuts offer a range of health benefits and offer an excellent source of protein, fats and minerals. They are also high in antioxidants and monounsaturated fats. We offer a range of only premium pistachios including raw, raw shelled, raw sliced, lime and saffron, shelled with lime and saffron, slightly salted and round lime and saffron. 

  • It takes 10 years for a newly planted pistachio tree to produce. 


  • Excellent source of potassium

  • A strong antioxidant boost (equal to many fruits and leafy veggies)


  • Distinctively rich, sweet, earthy and creamy


  • In 1930, a US grower smuggled 20LB from Iran to California and revolutionized the US pistachio industry!