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The Art of Roasting

According to the expert, Ayoub, the key to great tasting roasted nuts is to eat them right after they come out of the roaster. And, for the first time in Vancouver, you now have that delicious option. The very best, hand-selected nuts from the very best international suppliers, lovingly hand-roasted by Ayoub ― all of a sudden the words “hot and fresh” take on a whole new meaning.

Warm and fresh out of the roaster these pistachios from Iran make the perfect pairing with beer from Canada. It’s an international taste sensation. Once you’ve tried Ayoub’s secret recipe of lime, saffron and other secret ingredients, you’ll never go the prepackaged route again.

Lyndsay Greenwood visits Ayoub's

Our stores are truly unique. I bet you can’t walk by without slowing down to take a look inside. The beautifully handcrafted display bowl along with the unique chandeliers are absolutely stunning and something not to be missed. We were lucky enough to capture the eye of photographer Lyndsay Greenwood. Check out the fabulous photos she took of our Denman location to see for yourself.....or better yet, why not stop by and check it out for yourself. 

Vitamin Daily writes about Ayoub's

Master nut roaster Ayoub’s has opened its first North American location where 16 glittering chandeliers light up waist-high copper urns of the freshest, tastiest, premium grade nuts you’ve munched on these shores.

Try plump cashews from India, perfect pistachios from Iran, and Californian almonds spiced with the company’s secret blend of lime, saffron and salt.

Dried sour cherries and mulberries are available for vodka drinks, plus Persian nougat, figs, and all the accoutrements for your next cheese plate.

And if you can’t decide where to start? According to the stylish young owner, sampling is “required.”

We’re nuts about that.

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