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Raw Holiday Mix- Raw Nuts, Dried Fruit & Candied Ginger

$7.99 CAD

This warming mix is full of flavour, antioxidants and an energetic boost that will sustain for wi...
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100% Fruit

Fruit Rolls - Small (Natural) x5

$7.95 CAD

This colourful assortment of unsweetened dried fruit leather will take you back to your childhood...
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Pomelo - Candied Rind

$2.99 CAD

Zest things up with some candied pomelo rind! Pomelo is a massive citrus fruit - About the size o...
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Fruit Leather - Individually Wrapped

$8.95 CAD

Naturally sweet-sour soft fruit leather made from a mix of Apricot, Apple, Cherry and a touch of ...
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